The relationship between osteoporosis and bone fractures
Our bones are living tissues that constantly perform regeneration to survive. When the formation of new bones isn’t as fast as the deterioration of old bones, we face osteoporosis. Vulnerable Groups While anybody can get osteoporosis, there are a few groups more vulnerable to the disease. For example, Non-Hispanic white women and Asian women who have reached menopause. People with […]   Read More

The Top 5 Nutrients Required for Your Child’s Growth
Parenting is surely a thrilling journey but it can also get intimidating sometimes. When you’re responsible for the health and well-being of a tiny human being, it is important to thoroughly research and comb through all the diet options to decide what’s best for a growing mind and body. This blog is to help you narrow down the five essential […]   Read More

Know About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Symptoms and Treatment
What is carpal tunnel syndrome? Carpal tunnel is the space confined between the carpal bones dorsally and the carpal ligament (flexor retinaculum) volarly. The median nerve is susceptible to pressure as its course is through the tunnel. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is characterised by sensory loss and motor weakness that occurs when the nerve is compressed in the carpal tunnel. […]   Read More

What to Do If Someone Is Having a Seizure?
What to Do If Someone Is Having a Seizure? What is a seizure? A seizure is a sudden and uncontrollable electrical disturbance in the brain. It can cause changes in levels of consciousness, behavior, movements or feelings. How do I identify a seizure? The symptoms of a seizure can vary between mild to severe intensity. The signs include a staring […]   Read More

Pediatric Physiotherapy for children with delays in development
Who is a Pediatric Physiotherapist?  If you’re wondering about the difference between a pediatric physiotherapist and a general physiotherapist, read on to find out more. A pediatric therapist is a licensed healthcare professional who specializes in children’s treatment. A pediatric physiotherapist assesses various conditions in children, such as musculoskeletal injuries, birth abnormalities, and gross developmental delays, and treats other such […]   Read More

What do we know about helpful Tips for Healthy Aging?
“The greying of the world” is a realistic description of the population in many parts of the world. With the developments in science and technology in the 20th century and the introduction of antibiotics, vaccinations, modern surgical techniques and other medical advancements, the elderly population is living a longer life. As a person ages, he/she experiences a decline in strength […]   Read More

Headaches: Types, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment
Any throbbing, constant, sharp or dull pain in your head, forehead or face is classified as a headache. Headaches are one of the most common pain conditions in the world resulting from signals that interact among the brain, blood vessels and surrounding nerves. During a headache, an unknown mechanism activates specific nerves that affect muscles and blood vessels. These nerves […]   Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement.
The hip joint is the ball and socket joint that involves a ball (femoral head) that fits into the socket (acetabulum). The joint capsule and surrounding soft tissues provide stability to the joint. Any reconstructive joint surgery that is designed to relieve pain and improve function is referred to as arthroplasty. It encompasses excision, interposition, and replacement arthroplasty. In Total […]   Read More

What are the techniques, strategies, and activities for stress management?
The 21st-century lifestyle has an overwhelming abundance of everything. And with so many things to cope with, stress takes over most of our conscience leaving us unhinged and anxious. Stress is our body’s natural defence against predators and danger. It prepares us to fight or flight and releases umpteen amounts of cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. A few symptoms of stress […]   Read More

What Is Chronic Knee Pain, And How Can It Be Prevented?
Have you lately been finding it difficult to climb a couple of stairs without taking breaks? Or do winters feel like torture to your joints, especially your knees? You may be suffering from chronic knee pain instead of temporary knee pain. While temporary pain may be due to a knee injury, constant knee pain results from underlying causes. Even though […]   Read More

What Are The Symptoms And Causes Of Back Pain?
Does it seem almost impossible for you to go about your day without feeling excruciating pain in your back? Or does bending over to pick up something feel like torture? You may be suffering from chronic back pain. While lower back pain or upper back pain is a fairly common condition that most people face irrespective of age, persistent back […]   Read More

Fall Prevention for the Elderly | How Does It Work?
Falls are the leading cause of injuries in the elderly. The consequences of falls can rise with growing age. For individuals above the age of 65, falling can lead to hospitalization, an increase in mortality rate, morbidity and spikes in the rate of nursing home placements.  The elderly are usually susceptible to falls because of accidents or environment-related reasons. However, […]   Read More

Osteoarthritis Vs Rheumatoid Arthritis: Know The Difference
Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis both affect your joints. Both have “arthritis” as a suffix, but these two are different. “Arthritis” is an umbrella term for inflammation. Osteoarthritis is a primary degenerative disorder caused by wear and tear of articular cartilages, whereas Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder when the host’s immune system attacks the tissues around the joint.  Degenerative OA […]   Read More

5 Reasons Why It Is Important To Have A Good Nutrition
Scientifically, nutrition is the biochemical and physiological process through which an organism stays alive. The foods we eat can have a big impact on the structure and health of our brain and body. Good nutrition is a critical part of human health and development. Including the five types of nutrients i.e., proteins, fats, carbohydrates (sugars and dietary fibre), vitamins, and […]   Read More

Scoliosis: Cause, Diagnosis And Treatment | Treatment Of Scoliosis
What is the meaning of Scoliosis? Scoliosis is the lateral curvature in the spine. It usually involves the thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine. Scoliosis is often diagnosed/seen in childhood. The angle of the curvature may be small or large. An angle that measures more than 10 degrees on an X-ray is considered scoliosis. Letters “C” or “S” are […]   Read More

5 Reasons to Consider Weight Loss | Why weight loss is important
Around 20% of people make a resolution to lose weight in the new year. Losing weight is always a good idea, but shouldn’t be limited to fitting into your pants. Having good cardiac health and being in good shape are definitely solid reasons to consider weight loss. However, the following are a few alternative reasons why considering weight loss would […]   Read More

5 Myths vs. Facts About Total Hip Replacement
Don’t ignore your pain! Are you tired of conservative management and still bearing with the pain because you are scared and have a lot of unanswered questions about hip replacement surgery? There is a lot of circulated information which is outdated or false. Here are the top 5 myths and facts about hip replacement that you should consider before you […]   Read More

How To Promote Bone Health In Women? | Sancheti Hospital
Like a muscle, bone has a living tissue that deteriorates over time. The bones absorb nutrients and minerals through childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood, increasing their strength and density. The majority of humans reach their peak bone mass in their early 30s. This means our bones reach their maximum capacity, strength, and density. From that point forward, our bones start […]   Read More

What Is A Clubfoot? What Is The Treatment?
Clubfoot is a congenital (present from birth) foot deformity. In comparison with the normal foot, a clubfoot points inwards and downwards. The twisting causes the toes to point towards the other leg. Clubfoot can be present in one or both the legs of the baby. Causes of Clubfoot: The cause of clubfoot is idiopathic (unknown). It also runs in the […]   Read More

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Yoga | Yoga Health Benefits – Sancheti Hospital
YOGA, it’s not simply trying to touch your feet or meditation. Yoga is a systematic practice of physical movements, breathing exercises, concentration aimed at bringing peace to the body and mind. It can also be performed as a relaxation technique. Yoga practices are used in health promotion programs and as a complementary treatment for conditions like anxiety disorders, depression, coronary […]   Read More

What Is Rotator Cuff Injury? Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment
What is Rotator Cuff Injury?  A rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons (SITS- Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor and Subscapularis) that surround the shoulder joint and keep the humeral head firmly within the shoulder’s shallow socket (scapular groove). A rotator cuff injury is a tear in the four muscles that stabilise your shoulder joint. It can result in […]   Read More

Ergonomics For Back Pain Prevention
Let us all admit that we spend a considerable part of our day sitting. We are often switching between a laptop and a smartphone, taking notes on our desks or traveling on a bike or car. Do you know, sitting for long hours can eventually lead to back pain? So, what can be done to prevent back pain? The best […]   Read More

ACL Injury: Causes, Treatment and Prevention
Knee ligaments are the static stabilizing structures for rotational and accessory motions of the tibiofemoral (knee) joint. Out of the four primary ligaments, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is the most commonly injured ligament. ACL injuries occur when it is sudden or quick movement, sharp rotational movement when weight-bearing, sharp turn when running or jumping, etc. It is often painful and […]   Read More

Frozen Shoulder: Diagnosis and Treatment
What is Frozen Shoulder? Frozen Shoulder also known as Adhesive Capsulitis or Periarthritis is a condition characterised by pain and stiffness of the shoulder joint. To break the myth, frozen shoulder is the development of capsular restrictions, rather than arthritic changes in the bone or cartilage that occurs with Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis. The capsule thickens and tightens with a […]   Read More

Importance Of Physiotherapy | Before and After Surgery
Every one of us values the ability to move and function independently in our activities of daily living. Patients, regardless of age, are seeking help or are referred for physiotherapy because physiotherapists are trained professionals to treat the physical impairments that are caused due to injury, trauma, disease or congenital health conditions. Physiotherapy is also for individuals who have no […]   Read More