Exceptional Care From Our Family To Yours

Dr. K.H. SanchetiHip & Knee Replacement
Dr. Parag SanchetiKnee Arthroscopy, Knee Replacement
Dr. Sunny GugaleKnee Surgeon
Dr. Kailas PatilKnee Arthroplasty, Knee Arthroscopy
Dr. Rajeev JoshiHip & Knee Replacement & Reconstruction
Dr. Ajay KothariSpine
Dr. Shailesh HadgaonkarConsultant Spine Surgeon & Unit Head
Dr. Atul PatilPelvic + Arthroscopy + Trauma
Dr. Chetan Pradhan Primary & Revision Trauma
Dr. Chetan PuramTrauma + ilizarov
Dr. Sandeep PatwardhanPaediatric Orthopaedic
Dr. Abhijeet WahegaonkarHand Surgeon
Dr. Ashutosh AjariShoulder Surgeon
Dr. Nilesh KamatShoulder Surgeon
Dr. Nilesh PatilRheumatology
Dr.Milind GajewarFoot & Ankle
Dr. Madhav BorateHead of Academics
Dr. Aditi MalpaniPhysician
Dr. Vishal RokadeNeuro Surgeon
Dr. Ashok Kumar Shyam MurariHead of Academics
Dr. Sandeep DiwanPain Management
Dr. Ajit NalawadeRheumatology
Dr.Amrish BidayeFoot & Ankle
Dr. Chetan OswalFoot & Ankle
Dr. Priya BuddhadeoPain Management
Dr. Sahil SanghaviKnee and Hip Surgeon
Dr. Sidhharth AiyerSpine Surgeon
Dr. Obaid Ul NisarKnee Specialist
Dr. Warid AltafHand Surgeon
Dr. Nilesh BhandariNeuro Physician
Dr. Yogesh PanchwaghOrtho Oncologist
Dr. Reshma PuranikMD , DNB Medicine
Dr. Rahul JehagirdarPeadiatric Endocrinology
Dr. Amol MahajaniNeuro Physician
Dr. Poornima GauriNeuro Physician
Dr.Mangal Kardile Neuropsychologist
Dr. Gayatri EkboteRheumatologist
Dr. Mahesh KharchePhysician
Dr. Pramod BhilareSpine Specialist
Dr. Kaustubh Shende
Dr. Kaustubh ShendePlastic Surgeon, Burn Surgeon