Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

The Sancheti Plastic Surgery department provides round the clock expertise in management of compound wounds, vascular repair and reconstruction of soft tissue defects.
The department routinely performs surgeries including free flaps, local rotation flaps, soft tissue reconstruction and limb salvage.
Working as a team with the orthopaedic surgeons ensures the best possible results in management of severe injuries of the limbs.


Sancheti Hospital is known for its expertise in plastic reconstructive surgery. With a celebrated panel of leading surgeons, Sancheti has an extensive experience of 10 years in successfully carrying out various reconstructive surgeries.

Types of Surgeries

An expert panel of surgeons leading in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries at Sancheti Hospital, Pune, carry out a range of surgeries like- Cosmetic surgery, Vascular surgery, Hand surgery, Breast surgery, Wound management, Scar management, and Birth defect surgery for hand and face.

Why would you need a plastic surgery?

A plastic or reconstructive surgery is suitable for patients who need to correct facial or body abnormalities caused due to accidents, burns, cancer, previous surgeries or by birth. Such surgeries help bring life back to normal by improving the deformed appearance of one’s body and boosting the patient’s confidence. It is a relatively safe procedure when performed by trained experts/surgeons. However, one also needs to be aware of some risk involved due to anesthesia or due to infections.

Is there an alternative to plastic surgeries?
For those patients who are wary of going under the knife, there are always alternatives they can opt for. Depending on the results desired, you can opt for injections in form of Botox, Fillers, etc. Other non-invasive procedures in form of Lasers, Dermabrasions, Thread lift, Micro-needling, and Radio frequency are ones you can opt for.
There are many types of surgeries per your body’s requirement and you can collaborate with our expert surgeons to understand the procedures involved and to get the desired results. With Sancheti, you can rest assured that the best course of treatment will be followed to obtain optimal results for your health.