Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

The Sancheti Plastic Surgery department provides round the clock expertise in management of compound wounds, vascular repair and reconstruction of soft tissue defects.
The department routinely performs surgeries including free flaps, local rotation flaps, soft tissue reconstruction and limb salvage.
Working as a team with the orthopaedic surgeons ensures the best possible results in management of severe injuries of the limbs.

The Department Includes:

  • Dr. Shriram Pandit:
    One of the senior most plastic surgeons in Pune, Dr. Shriram Pandit is one of the foremost surgeons in limb reimplantation and microvascular free flaps and soft tissue reconstruction.
  • Dr. Kausthub Prabhune:
    A senior plastic surgeon, Dr. Kaustubh Prabhune has a primary interest in soft tissue coverage. He has immense experience in micro-vascular free flaps and local rotation flaps.
  • Dr. Advait Kothurkar:
    A specialist in vascular surgery, Dr. Advait Kothurkar is well known for his work in vascular repair and reconstructive work.