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What are the common mistakes which can hurt your joints and knees?


Think about your lifestyle and habits to make a few modifications if you have suffered knee and joint pain and are wondering how to get relief from your suffering. If you’re one of the many people who experience knee pain, some elements of your daily routine or even your weight can be one of the factors. Fortunately, many of the contributing variables can be corrected, which will ensure pain-free & improved mobility.

To protect your knees, avoid the following blunders
Joint pain can be difficult to manage because both movement and rest are crucial to your ability to feel better. We recommend moving and strengthening your knee joints if you experience knee pain. You can lessen inflammation while also enhancing their support systems by keeping them active. Our staff of knee surgeons at Sancheti Hospital is aware of the substantial limitations that knee discomfort can have on our patients’ life, and can help you make some important changes for improved function.

Here are 6 unhealthy habits that may be harming your knees:

  • Living with pain: Yes, a little muscle ache is normal. But not if it persists for several days or if your knee joint muscles are bloated or unbearably painful. Pay attention to knee hinge joint pain because it’s not normal. Go easy on your exercises if you feel like you are overdoing them. See your doctor if the pain persists.
  • Battling excess weight: Your knees are under 2 kg of stress for every kg you add to your frame. Your feet, hips, and back are all put under tension. That results in wear and tear, which can cause harm, aches, and pains. Inflammation is also triggered by being overweight. That may cause swelling, stiffness, and discomfort in all of your joints, including those in your hands.
  • Neglecting ACL injury: The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), one of the most often injured knee ligaments. Sports like roller skating, which call for fast cuts, twists, and jumps, increase the likelihood of the ACL rupturing. Soccer, basketball, football, and volleyball are some of the more popular high-risk sports. Women are more likely to sustain an ACL tear primarily because of the way they naturally jump, land, and turn. The likelihood of knee injuries can be reduced by training both male and female athletes to “rewire” themselves.
  • Overdoing weight training exercises: When you work hard and then give your body time to recover, you improve your fitness. You cannot work out vigorously every day. Overuse injuries can result from repetitive weight training if there is a sudden increase in workout duration and intensity. Stretching exercises should be done both before and after working out. Alternate days of intensive training with days of easy exercise should be done to help your body heal.
  • Resting too much: One of the first things you should do if you have acute knee pain is to rest (ice, compression, and elevation can help, too). By doing this, you’ll prevent hurting your knee’s damaged tissues and enable the joint to begin mending. However, if you spend too much time sitting still, your knee’s supporting muscles may weaken. This can wind up stressing the knee hinge joint even more and lead to chronic problems.
  • Wearing wrong shoes: Your feet and ankles are not adequately supported by worn-out shoes. Your knees, hips, and back will all be affected by that. For example, high-top basketball shoes can help prevent ankle sprains. However, excessive padding or arch support prevents your foot from moving naturally, which might keep you in a painful cycle. Heels might look great, but as heels go up it increases the twisting force on your knees resulting in osteoarthritis. That’s when the padding between the knee joint bones also deteriorates.

How Sancheti Hospital helps you?
When you visit Sancheti, we thoroughly examine your knees to identify the underlying issue so that we can help you regain your mobility, ensuring pain-free movement as soon as possible. Not to mention that this kind of early action can prevent other serious issues in the future. We strongly advise you to get in touch with Sancheti Hospital, Pune if you are experiencing knee discomfort so that we can create an arthritis knee pain treatment plan that will restore your zest for life.

People also ask?

  • What is the number one mistake that makes knees worse?
    The biggest mistake that makes knees worse is to rest completely and stop doing any form of exercise. This is a major issue because often your knee will get stiff and the muscles around your knee will weaken.
  • How to reduce knee pain?
    Simply use “RICE.” Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE) is effective for treating knee pain caused by a flare-up of arthritis or a small injury. Rest your knee, use ice to reduce swelling, cover it with a compression bandage, and keep it elevated.
  • How can I make my knees stronger?
    Exercises for knee strength are a great approach for keeping the legs healthy and injury-free. Additionally, stretching can keep the muscles flexible, which can reduce or even eliminate pain. Before starting any workout, anyone with health issues should consult their doctor.
  • Which fruit is good for knee pain?
    Berries are known to be good for knee and joint pain. Berries have power pack anti-inflammatory properties. Anthocyanins, which can be found in fruits like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries, are rich in antioxidants, and are believed to reduce inflammation.
  • What causes knees and joint pain?
    An injury, such as a torn ligament or damaged cartilage, may cause knee pain. Knee discomfort can also be caused by illnesses like arthritis, gout, and infections.
  • What protects your knee joint?
    Movement protects your knee joint. Your joints need movement to thrive; the constant motion of an active lifestyle keeps them adequately lubricated. Additionally, it helps to develop the leg muscles that support your knees and lessen pain.

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