Hand & Microvascular Surgery

Hand & Microvascular Surgery

The department of hand and microvascular surgery is dedicated to treatment of disorders pertaining to the hand and wrist. The unit specialises in management of traumatic and non traumatic conditions related to the hand.

With a multimodal approach the Hand & Microvascular Department of Sancheti Hospital, India consists of hand surgeons trained in various fields regarding hand surgery including trauma, Nerve repairs, tendon transfer surgeries, congenital anomalies, brachial plexus injuries, carpal bone fractures and wrist arthroscopy. Treatment of hand injuries including reimplantations, reconstruction, and limb salvage surgery is routinely performed.

The Hand & Microvascular department of Sancheti Hospital aims at restoring the aesthetic and functional value of hand. A round the clock coverage ensures that injured hands are treated with the standard of care at any time.

A dedicated team of hand physiotherapists also ensure that all hands are properly rehabilitated after surgery and good functional results are obtained.

Hand & Microvascular Surgery

Hand Surgery Team


Dr. Abhijeet Wahegaonkar

He is a Fellowship trained Orthopaedic Upper Extremity, Hand & Microvascular Reconstructive Surgeon with more than 14 years of exclusive experience in the comprehensive management of upper extremity problems, with a strong emphasis on academics and research.

His special interests include wrist surgery, adult & obstetrical brachial plexus surgery, microvascular reconstructive surgery, small joint arthroscopic surgery of the upper extremity & treatment of congenital hand deformities.

Hand Physiotherapy Department

Dr. Vivek Kulkarni :
With over 20 years experience in the rehabilitation of paralytic hand Dr. Vivek Kulkarni is a professor in hand physiotherapy at the post – graduate physiotherapy college. He has many publications and presentations in national and international conferences.

Dr. James Ghagare :
A Senior physiotherapist trained in hand physiotherapy – he has been working in Sancheti Hospital since the past 5 years and has vast experience in musculoskeletal disorders and hand physiotherapy.

Sancheti Hospital

The Hand & Microvascular Surgery Department of Sancheti Hospital is specializes in the physiotherapy of hand fractures, hand ligament reconstructions and repair, finger contracture release, elbow replacement, brachial plexus injury, tendon transfers,TFCC injuries, Flexor and extensor tendon repairs, carpal tunnel syndrome and crush hand injuries.

Hand Specialists

Dr. Warid Altaf
Dr. Warid AltafHand Surgeon
Dr. Abhijeet Wahegaonkar
Dr. Abhijeet WahegaonkarHand Surgeon