Pre-surgical anxiety: 5 Important tips on how to stay calm before going into surgery

Many people experience anxiety before having surgery. Anxiety before surgery is described as unpleasant stress, uneasiness, or tension resulting from patients’ fears and doubts. Surgeries can be life-saving, but many fear going under the knife. In the process, you must ensure that the anxiety and stress don’t overwhelm you.

This feeling of anxiousness before surgery is also known as pre-operative or preoperational anxiety. Some common reasons for experiencing this feeling of uneasiness are-

  • Apprehension that the surgery may not be successful.
  • Having to recover in a completely new, and unknown surrounding in the hospital.
  • Anxiety about not being able to bear the pain.
  • Fear of not being able to fully recover.

People might become over-sensitive to the surgery, and the experience can be far less pleasant and even increase future anxiety. Research has shown that high levels of stress have been linked to a higher risk of postoperative discomfort, extended hospital stays, and a need for painkillers. Thankfully, many different practices can help you stay calm before a surgery.

Have trust and faith in the fraternity
Trusting the medical professionals involved in the procedure is essential to lessen your fear and anxiety. Concern and trust are opposites. You will naturally feel in control again, and your mind will be at ease if you can trust the medical specialists treating you. The secret is good communication. You can only trust your doctors if you check their credentials, confer with them before surgery, and accept that they are the greatest at what they do.

Educate yourself well
Once you know your medical condition, you should research it properly and know everything. It will help you overcome the fear of the surgery, the hospital, and the illness itself. At the same time, awareness can also be a cause of anxiety. An incorrect Google search can do a lot more harm. So, make sure you only trust credible sources.

Stop smoking
If you smoke, you might need to do so to relax, and this is because stress causes the body to seek smoking. Smoking will indeed soothe your anxiety, but only temporarily. Smokers have a concern because it dramatically raises the possibility of difficulties during post-surgery recovery.

Additionally, it significantly slows down the healing of your wounds and raises the risk of infection. If you smoke and you know you will need surgery, ask to be considered for nicotine replacement treatment so you can give up smoking before the procedure and lower your risk of complications.

Seek support from family and friends
Support comes in various forms, some of which may surprise you. Family and friends might be your most significant resource when conquering anxiety before surgery. Inquire about their amusing surgical tales and remind yourself that they’ve been there and had great results.

Alternative therapies for anxiety
Therapy is not the only treatment available for those anxious before surgery, even though surgery may be the only option for some diseases. Yoga, hypnosis, massage, mindful meditation, and many other excellent alternative health practices show promise in treating surgical-related anxiety. Remember, stress is temporary. The surgery you have scheduled is to help you feel better than before. View your surgery as unlocking a positive future with a better quality of life.

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