Neurology Department

Department of Neurology Sciences

The complicated science of Neurology deals with all the diseases, abnormalities and dysfunctions of the Brain, Spine and Nerves. These structures ultimately control most functions in our bodies, and make us who we are by control of thought, speech, memory, intelligence etc.

Even minor disturbances in the function of any of these may cause tremendous discomfort and disabilities. In the past 25 years research has unfolded the intricate secrets of many neurological disorders, and we now are equipped with excellent resources, investigations, and management facilities for many Neurological problems. Total control and cure for some epilepsies, recovery from stroke, neuro-intervention to prevent strokes, better outcomes in infections like meningitis/encephalitis, deficiencies and malignancies, pain relief in many conditions, excellent treatments for migraine, and improved quality of life in many incurable conditions are just a few examples of recent achievements.

Sancheti Hospital

Sancheti Neurosciences Center

At Sancheti Neurosciences Centre, we offer a complete clinical evaluation by expert Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Neuropsychologists, Speech Therapists, and a Neuro Rehabilitation team, and if required by ancillary clinicians like Cardiologists, Urologists, Ophthalmologists, Spine surgeons, ENT specialists, Paediatricians and Psychiatrists.

All the advanced lab investigations, electroneurophysiological studies like EEG (Electroencephalography), EMG (Electromyography), NCS (Nerve Conduction Studies), and Imaging studies like advanced MRI scans and CT scans, are available on site. A complete Neuro Rehabilitation Unit is functional from 8 AM till 8 PM, Monday till Saturday.

Neurocritical Care

Most advanced evaluation and treatment modalities are discussed on a daily basis by experts, and complicated cases are reviewed by a panel of experts.

We also boast of the First MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS specialized facility in India, and a Parkinson’s disease care unit, where over a hundred patients with these disorders follow up regularly. Cialis consegna immediata consegna immediata

The ‘Sancheti Neurosciences Center’ has both Outpatient and Inpatient services. The daily outpatient facility runs Monday through Saturday from 4-7 pm, and Inpatient emergency and routine services are available 24×7 round the clock. Neurocritical care facilities are also available.

We have tie-ups with the most reputed insurance agencies.

In our endeavour to be the best in Neurological care, we strive to offer the most scientific and ethical solutions, with a patient’s best possible health our top priority.

Unlocking the Power of Neuro Rehabilitation

Welcome to our Advanced Neuro Rehabilitation Department, where we are committed to guiding individuals on their journey to recovery after neurological challenges. Neurological conditions can significantly impact mobility, cognition, and overall well-being. Our expert team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive care across a spectrum of programs, utilizing cutting-edge equipment to tailor rehabilitation strategies for each unique individual.


At our facility, we understand that neurological rehabilitation is not just about recovering lost abilities; it’s about rebuilding lives. From the critical stages of ICU-based early mobilization to outpatient care and rehabilitation clinics, we offer a continuum of services to support individuals at every step. Our goal is not only to restore function but also to enhance the quality of life for our patients.


Why Choose Our Neuro Rehabilitation Services?

-Holistic Approach: We take a holistic approach to neuro rehabilitation, addressing physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects of recovery.

– Expert Team: Our multidisciplinary team of neurologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and psychologists collaborate to create personalized care plans.

– State-of-the-Art Equipment: Experience rehabilitation like never before with our cutting-edge equipment, designed to optimize recovery through targeted and innovative therapies.


Join us on the path to recovery and empowerment. Your journey to renewed independence begins here at our Advanced Neuro Rehabilitation Department.



Section 1: Comprehensive Care Spectrum


  1. ICU-Based Early Mobilization Protocol:

Regain strength and mobility right from the critical stages of recovery.

– Highly specialized team for early intervention.

– Tailored protocols for ICU patients to prevent complications.



  1. In-Patient Rehab Program:

Intensive rehabilitation within the comfort of our state-of-the-art facility.

– Personalized care plans designed for optimal recovery.

– Collaborative approach involving physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists.


  1. Out-Patient and Day Care Program:

Flexibility for individuals to continue rehabilitation while managing daily commitments.

– Tailored schedules for working professionals and students.

– Comprehensive care on a part-time basis.


  1. Rehab OPD Clinic:

Continued support for post-rehabilitation check-ups and consultations.

– Regular follow-ups to track progress and make necessary adjustments.

– Dedicated clinic hours for neuro-rehabilitation consultations.


Section 2: Cutting-Edge Equipment

  1. Robotics:

Precision and targeted movements for enhanced recovery.

– Robotic exoskeletons and devices for precise muscle control.

– Rehabilitation robots for both upper and lower extremities.


  1. Body Weight Suspension:

Harnessing the power of gravity for effective rehabilitation

– Suspended body weight systems for gait training and balance improvement.

– Targeted exercises with reduced impact on joints.



  1. Balance Master:

Precision training for stability and coordination.

– Computerized dynamic posturography for assessing and improving balance.

– Customized exercises to challenge and enhance the vestibular system.


  1. Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES):

Activating muscles through electrical impulses for functional recovery.

– FES technology to stimulate paralyzed or weakened muscles.

– Integration with therapeutic exercises for enhanced effectiveness.


  1. Virtual Reality (VR):

Immersive experiences for cognitive and motor skill enhancement.

– VR-based simulations for real-life scenarios and activities.

– Cognitive and motor skill exercises in a controlled virtual environment.


  1. Aquatic Rehab:

Buoyancy-assisted exercises for gentle and effective rehabilitation.

– Hydrotherapy pools for low-impact exercises.

– Aquatic therapy for improved range of motion and muscle strength.


  1. Cognitive Rehab:

Targeting cognitive functions for holistic recovery.

– Neurocognitive training programs for memory, attention, and problem-solving.

– Multidisciplinary approach involving psychologists and neurologists.


  1. Hand Station for ADL Training:

Focused rehabilitation for fine motor skills and activities of daily living.

– Specialized equipment for hand and upper extremity rehabilitation.

– Tailored programs for regaining independence in daily tasks.



Your Journey to Recovery Begins Here – Advanced Neuro Rehabilitation Department