General Orthopaedic

General Orthopaedic division delivers personalized care focused on the entire individual, and offers 360 degree solutions driven by the latest research and evidence-based medicine.

General Orthopaedics

We provide care for all types of orthopaedic conditions

Patients are often unsure if they need to see a specialist or subspecialist and often wonder if physical therapy or medications can help, or if surgery is the best alternative. We are here to help navigate this challenging process, and offer the best solution for each individual patient.

Most orthopaedic disorders do not require surgery:

Great care starts with a comprehensive history, a complete physical examination, and basic X-rays. For many patients, the best approach may be to start with a general orthopaedic specialist who can initiate a customized treatment plan. These experts know when it is appropriate to involve other members of the team, including when there is a need for additional consultation and/or surgery.

At Sancheti Institute, we know surgery is a big decision. Our preoperative class can help ease your fears by walking you through the hospital experience so you’ll know what to expect. While staying with us, our inpatients will also appreciate the privacy and individual attention offered through private rooms, and room service for patients and family members.

Let our staff connect you with the right professional.