Type of Treatments

Sancheti Hospital Pune offers a comprehensive range of treatments and services.
Knee Replacement Surgery

Sancheti Hospital Pune offers state-of-the-art Knee Replacement Surgery, building upon the legacy of Dr. K. H. Sancheti, the Founder President, who designed India's inaugural artificial knee joint, INDUS. Featuring cutting-edge O-Arm technology – a first in Pune – alongside neuro-monitoring devices and high-definition microscopes, surgeries are safer and more precise.
The hospital also prioritises accurate diagnosis, employing the latest imaging modalities and advanced equipment for successful arthroscopic surgeries.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder Replacement Surgery at Sancheti exemplifies expertise and innovation. With a focus on patient well-being, we ensure precise implantation of artificial joints, leading to improved functionality.
Utilising cutting-edge technology and proven methods, our dedicated team strives for successful outcomes in every shoulder replacement procedure, allowing patients to regain their quality of life with confidence and comfort.

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery at Sancheti Hospital signifies excellence in orthopaedic care. Our experienced surgeons specialise in replacing damaged hip joints with precision-engineered prosthetics, relieving pain and restoring mobility.
By integrating state-of-the-art treatments and a patient-centred approach, Sancheti Hospital remains a trusted destination for hip replacement, allowing individuals to regain their independence and vitality.

Pediatric Trauma

Sancheti Hospital Pune provides specialised care for Pediatric Trauma, catering to the unique needs of young patients. Our skilled medical team is adept at managing traumatic injuries in children, ensuring their safety and well-being.
We address fractures, soft tissue injuries, and other trauma-related conditions with a compassionate approach and advanced treatment protocols, promoting swift recovery and growth. Sancheti Hospital's commitment to pediatric trauma care reflects our dedication to securing a healthy future for the youngest members of our community.

Foot & Ankle, Hand Surgery

Sancheti Hospital excels in treating Foot & Ankle, Hand, and Shoulder injuries, providing comprehensive solutions for optimal recovery. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we utilise the latest X-ray, CT, MRI, and PET scans to diagnose conditions accurately. Our high-definition arthroscopes and advanced equipment ensure precise arthroscopic surgeries, enhancing patient outcomes.
With a focus on personalized care and innovative techniques, Sancheti Hospital is dedicated to alleviating pain, restoring function, and improving the quality of life for individuals affected by these injuries.

List of all the Orthopaedic Departments

Geriatric Department

Sancheti Hospital's Geriatric Department specialises in catering to the unique healthcare needs of the elderly population. With a holistic approach, the department addresses age-related health issues, promotes healthy ageing, and provides comprehensive medical care to enhance the quality of life for senior citizens.

Shoulder Department

The Shoulder Department at Sancheti Hospital focuses on diagnosing and treating various shoulder-related conditions and injuries. Expert orthopaedic surgeons employ advanced techniques to provide effective solutions for restoring shoulder functionality and relieving pain, helping patients regain mobility and lead active lives.

Hand & Microvascular Department

This department specializes in treating hand-related injuries, deformities, and microvascular conditions. Skilled surgeons utilise intricate microsurgical techniques to restore hand function and aesthetics. From complex hand injuries to delicate microvascular surgeries, the department offers comprehensive care to patients.

Hip Department

Sancheti Hospital's Hip Department excels in treating hip-related ailments and conditions. With a focus on hip replacement surgeries, the department aims to alleviate pain, enhance mobility, and improve overall hip joint function, utilising advanced technology and surgical techniques.

Spine Department

The Spine Department addresses spinal disorders and conditions. Highly trained spine surgeons employ surgical and non-surgical approaches to manage spinal issues, aiming to reduce pain, improve spinal stability, and enhance the quality of life for patients.

Joint Replacement Department

This department specialises in common replacement surgeries, including knee, hip, and shoulder replacements. Expert orthopaedic surgeons utilise advanced prosthetics and surgical techniques to restore joint function, reduce pain, and enhance patients' overall mobility and well-being.

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