Osteoarthritis patient

Too much PATIENCE can make you a PATIENT!

Suffering for over 15 years from severe knee pain, a patient from Jhansi, who finally came to Sancheti Hospital for an opinion, was diagnosed with the OSTEOARTHRITIS of the KNEES. She had been suffering for so long, that eventually her mobility was impeded to the extent where she couldn’t even perform her daily activities.

After examining the patient thoroughly, Dr. Kailash Patil, Dr. Parag Sancheti, and their team decided to make use of extension rods and perform a surgery to replace her knees. Post the operation and further observation, she was discharged within a short span of under a week, and she returned home in excellent condition.

The orthopedic and rehabilitation team at Sancheti Hospital made sure that the patient was treated well with physiotherapy, which in turn made her pain vanish fully. 10 months later, the patient has recovered completely, and she is back to her routine all glad and grateful!

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Our team at Sancheti Hospital advises a quick checkup whenever you sense pain, more so with the problems that are prevalent with age. In any case, our experienced doctors, along with their expertise and the latest technologies, are always here to serve you!

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