24-year old Hip replacement patient

A 24-year old female, who had undergone a total hip replacement surgery on the left side at a different Medical facility three months ago, came to Sancheti Hospital with swelling and pain on the same side of the hip joint while also being treated for SICKLE CELL ANEMIA.

Upon performing an X-ray, it was discovered that the patient had a fractured femur bone in the left leg, developed after the implant. It was a case of FEMUR PERIPROSTHETIC FRACTURE, which was then corrected by FEMORAL STEM REVISION SURGERY to fix the tilted Corail stem which was the implant that connected the femur to the hip bone. It was straightened and brought in union with the femur bone.

The patient has shown great recovery post-surgery. She is walking independently without pain and can now ride her two-wheeler for short distances.

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Post-operative care is just as crucial and is a must to ensure a speedy recovery. With mishaps like these, it is very important to give proper attention to the joint after surgery and also take immediate measures when things go south. Regardless, Sancheti Hospital is here for you!

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