Patient Cases

24-year old Hip replacement patient

A 24-year old female, who had undergone a total hip replacement surgery on the left side at a different Medical facility three months ago, came to Sancheti Hospital with swelling and pain on the same side of the hip joint while also being treated for SICKLE CELL ANEMIA.

Upon performing an X-ray, it was discovered that the patient had a fractured femur bone in the left leg, developed after the implant. It was a case of FEMUR PERIPROSTHETIC FRACTURE, which was then corrected by FEMORAL STEM REVISION SURGERY to fix the tilted Corail stem which was the implant that connected the femur to the hip bone. It was straightened and brought in union with the femur bone.

The patient has shown great recovery post-surgery. She is walking independently without pain and can now ride her two-wheeler for short distances.

When taking Xanax (Alprazolam), like other benzodiazepines, side effects such as difficulty concentrating, confusion, agitation, hallucinations, and reactions such as irritability, agitation, anger attacks, aggressive or hostile behavior are rarely reported.

Post-operative care is just as crucial and is a must to ensure a speedy recovery. With mishaps like these, it is very important to give proper attention to the joint after surgery and also take immediate measures when things go south. Regardless, Sancheti Hospital is here for you!

Osteoarthritis patient

Too much PATIENCE can make you a PATIENT!

Suffering for over 15 years from severe knee pain, a patient from Jhansi, who finally came to Sancheti Hospital for an opinion, was diagnosed with the OSTEOARTHRITIS of the KNEES. She had been suffering for so long, that eventually her mobility was impeded to the extent where she couldn’t even perform her daily activities.

After examining the patient thoroughly, Dr. Kailash Patil, Dr. Parag Sancheti, and their team decided to make use of extension rods and perform a surgery to replace her knees. Post the operation and further observation, she was discharged within a short span of under a week, and she returned home in excellent condition.

The orthopedic and rehabilitation team at Sancheti Hospital made sure that the patient was treated well with physiotherapy, which in turn made her pain vanish fully. 10 months later, the patient has recovered completely, and she is back to her routine all glad and grateful!

The intake of Valium (even in therapeutic dosages) can lead to the development of addiction, as well as physical and mental dependence. The larger the doses and the longer the treatment, the higher the risk of developing addiction. The latter also increases in patients with drug and alcohol dependence in history. For more information about the drug, visit

Our team at Sancheti Hospital advises a quick checkup whenever you sense pain, more so with the problems that are prevalent with age. In any case, our experienced doctors, along with their expertise and the latest technologies, are always here to serve you!

78-year old spine fracture patient.

Recently, a patient, 78 years of age, came in with a case of weakened bones which had led to a fracture in the spine. This caused severe pain in his back, hindered his mobility, and he was entirely bed-ridden.

After examining his condition, Dr. Ajay Kothari and the team decided to treat him via VERTEBROPLASTY, which involves strengthening of the bone with the use of Bone Cement. Within two hours of the procedure, the patient stood up and started walking with his pain completely gone.

The patient is now completely recovered and enjoys his morning walks more than ever. Despite his age, the team at Sancheti, with a meticulously thought-about procedure, got him back on the track!

If there is a long course of treatment, then regular monitoring of liver and kidney function and blood picture (peripheral) is required. In patients who use anticoagulants together with Ambien (Zolpidem), it is necessary to regularly take tests for the values of the clotting blood system.

Truly, medical science has advanced beyond imagination and is helping patients heal as quickly as possible with minimally invasive procedures. We, at Sancheti Hospital, always yearn to learn about and implement the latest technologies, and we can, therefore, offer the most suitable treatment.

8 Year Old Boy With A Simple Bone Cyst.

A few years ago, an 8-year-old boy, with no recent injury or accident, was brought in by his parents with pain in his right arm. After discovering a lesion and weakened bone, it was later found that he had developed a BONE CYST.

Sancheti Hospital doctors decided to treat this cyst by placing rods inside the bone. Thus, the surgery was performed and within a period of four to five months, the bone completely healed.The happy recovered patient visited the hospital recently and it was gratifying for everyone at Sancheti Hospital to see that he has completely recovered. He can perform his daily activities and play sports with no sign of pain.

Notably, with the kids, there are a lot of problems that can occur without any physical injury, or a congenital issue, therefore, our doctors at Sancheti Hospital always emphasize the importance of having a check-up done for any complaint of recurring pain. A timely diagnosis can save them from big trouble later.