78-year old spine fracture patient.

Recently, a patient, 78 years of age, came in with a case of weakened bones which had led to a fracture in the spine. This caused severe pain in his back, hindered his mobility, and he was entirely bed-ridden.

After examining his condition, Dr. Ajay Kothari and the team decided to treat him via VERTEBROPLASTY, which involves strengthening of the bone with the use of Bone Cement. Within two hours of the procedure, the patient stood up and started walking with his pain completely gone.

The patient is now completely recovered and enjoys his morning walks more than ever. Despite his age, the team at Sancheti, with a meticulously thought-about procedure, got him back on the track!

If there is a long course of treatment, then regular monitoring of liver and kidney function and blood picture (peripheral) is required. In patients who use anticoagulants together with Ambien (Zolpidem), it is necessary to regularly take tests for the values of the clotting blood system.

Truly, medical science has advanced beyond imagination and is helping patients heal as quickly as possible with minimally invasive procedures. We, at Sancheti Hospital, always yearn to learn about and implement the latest technologies, and we can, therefore, offer the most suitable treatment.

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