Case of the Month

24-year old Hip replacement patient

A 24-year old female, who had undergone a total hip replacement surgery on the left side at a different Medical facility three months ago, came to Sancheti Hospital with swelling and pain on the same side of the hip joint while also being treated for SICKLE CELL ANEMIA. Upon performing an X-ray, it was discovered that the patient had a […]

Osteoarthritis patient

Too much PATIENCE can make you a PATIENT! Suffering for over 15 years from severe knee pain, a patient from Jhansi, who finally came to Sancheti Hospital for an opinion, was diagnosed with the OSTEOARTHRITIS of the KNEES. She had been suffering for so long, that eventually her mobility was impeded to the extent where she couldn’t even perform her […]

78-year old spine fracture patient.

Recently, a patient, 78 years of age, came in with a case of weakened bones which had led to a fracture in the spine. This caused severe pain in his back, hindered his mobility, and he was entirely bed-ridden. After examining his condition, Dr. Ajay Kothari and the team decided to treat him via VERTEBROPLASTY, which involves strengthening of the […]

8 Year Old Boy With A Simple Bone Cyst.

A few years ago, an 8-year-old boy, with no recent injury or accident, was brought in by his parents with pain in his right arm. After discovering a lesion and weakened bone, it was later found that he had developed a BONE CYST. Sancheti Hospital doctors decided to treat this cyst by placing rods inside the bone. Thus, the surgery […]