Mrs Barirah Puts An End To 7-Years Old Suffering

Mrs. Barirah is a housewife and a mother of two children. Today she enjoys spending time with her kids and doing household chores with ease and without any pain. Thanks to her decision to put an end to 7 years old suffering from back pain. Mrs. Barirah’s painful history is since her final year of graduation. While her painful spine symptoms piled up, she faced a lot of pain in doing simple activities of daily living such as sitting, standing, or even lying down on the bed. As simple activities became difficult, Mrs. Barirah tried and tested multiple options and visited different clinics for the solution, but none of them were helpful to her. 

Based in Raigad, Mrs. Barirah was referred to Sancheti Hospital, Pune by one of their relatives. Mrs. Barirah visited Sancheti Hospital, Pune, and met Dr. Shailesh Hadgaonkar, the Spine Consultant at Sancheti Hospital. Dr. Shailesh suggested an MRI and gave her a proper diagnosis of her problem. Mrs. Barirah says, “Dr. Shailesh thoroughly explained the problem and was very kind. We felt that finally, we are in good hands for the pain treatment.” Dr. Shailesh suggested her Physiotherapy and Surgery. Mrs. Barirah started Physiotherapy but it wasn’t showing her expected results and hence she chose to undertake surgery. 

She had multiple doubts in her mind regarding her surgery and its impact/side effects on her married life. All her doubts were solved before the surgery and she is thankful to Dr. Shailesh for performing a successful surgery. Mrs. Barirah got married after a year and a half and she has 2 children, both healthy. Mrs. Barirah adds, “If you have a lot of pain, surgery is the best option for them. Dr. Shailesh and the team are pain healers. The hospital service is excellent and the team is in constant contact for doubt-solving and help.” 

Mrs. Barirah is happy in her married life and takes care of household chores and children without any pain in the back. Mrs. Barirah was one decision away from a pain-free life. When are you taking yours? 

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