Omkar Came Out A True Warrior

Some incidents are unavoidable and one such dreadful incident occurred in the life of Mr Omkar. Omkar had an unavoidable road traffic accident on 3rd November at Dighi. 

He was in tremendous pain as he had many major and minor arm and leg injuries. The injuries needed immediate medical attention and hence the family was rushed to Sancheti Hospital, Pune. The family was well acquainted with the orthopedic expertise and services provided at Sancheti Hospital, Pune and decided to get their son operated on by the best in the city. 

Omkar’s injuries specifically involved injury to the vein in the elbow, multiple fractures in his hand and injury to two ligaments in the knee joint. Omkar was brought to Sancheti Hospital at 3:30 am and the parents handed him over in the hands of experts. 

Early this morning, Dr Waird Altaf, Hand Specialist at Sancheti Hospital assessed Omkar and suggested immediate surgery. The family with their firm belief in Sancheti Hospital gave their consent immediately. Omkar was fortunate enough to get the treatment on time. At that time, a delay of merely an hour in seeking the correct treatment would cost Omkar his limb! Fortunately, they made it on time and Omkar was operated by experts in the business. 

Omkar’s knee ligament surgery was beautifully done by Dr Chetan Pradhan, Trauma Consultant at Sancheti Hospital. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say, the power duo of Dr Warid and Dr Chetan gave a new life to Omkar. Omkar says, “I am really thankful to Dr Warid Altaf and Dr Chetan Pradhan who performed a successful surgery. I am able to move my hand, fingers and elbow without pain or discomfort. I am able to walk without any pain and the doctors gave me my normal life back.” 

There are heart-pounding incidents in life. But getting victory over them is the sign of a true warrior. Omkar fought like a hero, came victorious and the family’s trust in Sancheti Hospital got stronger. 

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