Dr. Sidhharth Aiyer

Dr. Sidhharth Aiyer

Education: MS DNB FNB

Specialties: Consultant Spine Surgeon

OPD Days : Tue, Wed, & Fri

Work Timing: Tue (3 pm to 8.30 pm) Wed (10 am to 3 pm) Fri (10 am to 8.30 pm)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the rest/recovery time after spine surgery?

It takes approximately four to six weeks to recover after spine surgery. However, the recovery time can vary for different individuals. Post-surgery, your surgeon will suggest a daily routine to follow that will help you recover faster. Make sure to stick to these recommendations. If you are considering getting spine surgery done, we recommend contacting g Sancheti Hospital, which has the top spine specialists in Pune.

2. When can one re – join work?

A patient who has undergone spine surgery generally has to wait for at least six weeks before rejoining work. This is to ensure that one gets enough rest and has sufficient time to heal and recover. Opting for the best spine specialist in Pune is the first step to ensuring you have a successful spine surgery.

3. How long do you have to stay in the hospital after spine surgery?

You may be expected to stay for at least one to two days in the hospital after your spine surgery. This duration may vary and your surgeon is the best person to estimate the recovery time depending on your case. Ensure you always pick the best hospital for spine surgery. If located in Pune, look up Sancheti Hospital as it has some of the best doctors.

4. What are the common physical restrictions to follow after spine surgery?

Avoid lifting heavy objects above your head while in recovery. Avoid strenuous physical activities that could hamper your recovery. Also, don’t put pressure on your spine for a while by twisting, bending, or lifting heavy weights. Consult the best bone specialist or spine specialist in Pune for the best treatment for spinal problems.

5. How safe is current-day spine surgery?

Current-day spine surgery is a fairly safe and simple process, especially if you opt for the best hospital for spine surgery. Sancheti Hospital in Pune has a team of highly-trained and qualified doctors and the best infrastructure, and amenities to help you recover from different spinal issues.

6. How Sancheti Hospital help you?

Sancheti Hospital has the best spine specialists in Pune who can offer you the best treatment and suggest a recovery plan with the right procedures to treat your spinal issues.