Dr. Rajeev Joshi

Education: M.S.Orthopaedics

Specialties: Hip and Knee Replacement and reconstruction

OPD Days: Tue-Thur-Sat

Work Timing: 10 am – 12 MD

Doctor Dairy

We need to have a strong hip to take a stand against the wrong and stand for the right! And we, at Sancheti Hospital, do just that for you! In today’s episode, Dr. Rajeev Joshi, our senior hip and knee specialist, guides us all about the problems that can dwell in the hip. Stay tuned!


In hip replacement surgery, the surgeon replaces the affected parts with metal, ceramic and hard plastic to reduce pain and improve function.

The recovery time should be two to four weeks on average. However, it differs for everyone based on age, preexisting medical conditions, and lifestyle.

Hip and knee replacement can’t be done at the same time. Your surgeon will suggest whether your hip or knee should be replaced first based on the severity of the injury.

Hip reconstruction is nothing but relining the hip joint, unlike hip replacement, in which the surgeons will replace the hip joint with an artificial one. Mobility will improve hip reconstruction since it preserves much of the natural bone.

Nerve damage, dislocation, fracture, infection, and blood clots. But these happen rarely and for patients with other existing medical conditions.

Patients with hip replacement surgery need no physical therapy other than walking. But you may be required to perform ankle pumps, quad setting, and other customised exercises for every individual.

An average hip replacement surgery in India can cost around 2, 50,000 – 3 50 000. But this differs on various factors like the type of surgery, the experience of the doctor, type of implant, etc.,