5 Reasons to Consider Weight Loss | Why weight loss is important

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Around 20% of people make a resolution to lose weight in the new year. Losing weight is always a good idea, but shouldn’t be limited to fitting into your pants. Having good cardiac health and being in good shape are definitely solid reasons to consider weight loss. However, the following are a few alternative reasons why considering weight loss would be a great idea:

Reasons to Consider Weight Loss

1) Mood: Losing weight comes with diets and exercises. Though exercises sound strenuous, they release endorphins i.e., our feel-good hormones. These hormones make the overall experience of exercising less agonizing more wonderful. Losing weight improves confidence. When you look into the mirror at a more attractive and ideal body type, you start to feel better in your own skin.

2) Productivity: After losing a few kilos, you will feel more energized. Good nutrition and less weight to carry around will increase your productivity and leave you enough fuel to pursue things you always wanted to. When you’re naturally energized, you won’t need high-energy foods. Studies show that cutting down on these fatty and sugary foods will not only decline obesity but also improve the quality of your sleep. As you wake up well-rested, the whole positive circle will repeat, improving the standard of your life.

3) Health: Our joints experience daily wear and tear. However, being overweight leads to a faster decline in the health of our joints and makes us prone to arthritis. Anti-inflammatory diets are popularised for the same reasons. Obesity directly affects our adrenal glands and respiratory system and leaves us more vulnerable to seasonal allergies. Studies show that overweight people have less sensitive taste buds than healthier people. This means that losing weight makes your food taste better. Scientists speculate this is because of the hormonal changes that take place in your brain during weight loss that enhance the taste receptors. Healthy food full of nutrition also improves immunity.

4) Healthy and glowing skin: Counting calories directly links to eating better. Upgrading your diet will have countless positive side effects. When you include nutritious and low-calorie foods such as carrots, broccoli, and celery in your soups and sauces and balance meat with vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce in your sandwich, you’ll get glowing skin in no time. Drinking fruit juices with lots of fibre will also leave you skinny and shining. You will breathe better and sweat less. Your overall skin health will improve, making you look younger!

5) Memory: You’ll stop relying on technology to remember something. When we acquire or experience something new, a new pathway between brain cells is formed. However, fructose– the primary component in sodas and other sweetened foods– disrupts this process. Thus, losing weight will cut the brain drain and increase efficiency.

Start your ultimate weight loss journey now! You’ll open several healthy doors in your life and even make life-long friends going through the same journey as you are. A leaner you not only ensures a longer life but also a better life, less prone to diseases.

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