5 Myths vs. Facts About Total Hip Replacement

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Don’t ignore your pain! Are you tired of conservative management and still bearing with the pain because you are scared and have a lot of unanswered questions about hip replacement surgery? There is a lot of circulated information which is outdated or false. Here are the top 5 myths and facts about hip replacement that you should consider before you shrug off the option of surgery. 

Myths about Hip Replacement

Myth 1: Hip Replacement Surgery Don’t Give Long Term Relief. I will need another surgery eventually. 

Statistically, hip replacements can last for up to 20 years, or more. Depending on your age, comorbidities, and the joint procedure, the hip replacement may or may not require revision surgery. 

Myth 2: I will have to be on bed rest for a long recovery time.

The fact is that you can expect to stand and start walking with the help of assistance and supervision on the day of surgery itself. The healing period takes time, but as the physical therapy starts from the day of surgery, you will learn to tackle the pain, improve the ranges and strengthen the muscles. You can expect to be back to your daily chores within a few weeks to months. 

Myth 3: Hip Replacement Surgery is only for the elderly 

Anybody who has pain, disability, trauma and impairments that need surgical intervention is the candidate for hip replacement. There is absolutely no age criterion for hip replacement surgery. THR is performed successfully at all age groups from juvenile arthritis to degenerative arthritis in the elderly.

Myth 4: Hip Replacement Surgery should be delayed as long as I can bear the pain.

Delayed surgery will only aggravate the pain and symptoms. It is also accompanied by other risks such as deterioration of the joint structures, reduced mobility and increased pain. Delayed surgery may also lead to a complicated one. Hence, as suggested by the surgeon, you should not table the idea of surgery till the moment the pain becomes unbearable. 

Myth 5: I won’t be able to participate in sports and it will limit my mobility. 

As soon as you have hip surgery, your mobility training is started under the supervision and assistance of the physical therapist. After a considerable recovery period, as soon as your surgeon gives you a thumbs-up you can gradually undertake many low-impact sports. 

What Are The Next Steps in Hip replacement? 

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