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Young Football Enthusiast Goals A Gruesome ACL Injury!

Amrut Pawar is a 19 years old football enthusiast. Amrut has been fond of playing sports since childhood. Unfortunately, while playing his favourite sport football, he met with an accident. Amrut had an ACL tear due to which he was unable to walk and bear weight on the limb.

The family consulted 2-3 doctors and Amrut was diagnosed with an ACL tear. The perplexed family didn’t know what to do regarding the ligament tear. They had many unanswered questions about the condition, its treatment and the son’s life after the treatment. They consulted their family doctor and their doctor referred them to Sancheti Hospital, Pune. 

Amrut along with his parents visited Sancheti Hospital, Pune and consulted Dr Sunny Gugale, Knee Specialist at Sancheti Hospital. Dr Sunny Gugale explained to the family about the treatment of ACL Injury, the surgery needed, the time period for the recovery after surgery and the time Amrut will start playing his favourite sport again. The family took an overlook of the services provided at Sancheti Hospital. After getting satisfactory answers to their doubts, the family showed trust in Dr Sunny and Sancheti Hospital and gave their consent for surgery. 

After completing the surgery, the family got miraculous results and recovery. Amrut started playing football gradually after four months of surgery. He has had a successful recovery and can actively play sports now. 

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