Orthopedic physiotherapy

We are here to help you come out of pain and disability. We provide our excellent services in-

  1. Trauma rehabilitation- as Sancheti hospital being one of the best centers for trauma surgeries, we are
  2. Spine- dealing with operative as well as conservative spine conditions like spondylitis, back/neck pain coming from work hazards, sciatica, tingling in hands and legs.
  3. Knee- knee related surgeries like ACL reconstruction, meniscus injury, arthritis, post knee replacement rehab etc
  4. Shoulder- frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries
  5. Sports- sports related injuries
  6. Ankle pain-plantar fasciitis, calcaneal spur, fractures, diabetic foot


Online physio consultation:

Don’t let any restriction stop you from taking treatment. We are just a call away.

Video consultation at the comfort of your home is available.

Contact details: 9112200573/02028999713

Sancheti Hospital_Orthopedic physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
Sancheti Hospital_Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation