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Orthopaedic Oncology

Orthopaedic oncology is a new sub-speciality of orthopaedics which deals with the detection, treatment and follow-up of bone and soft tissue tumours. These tumours may be in the bone or the adjoining muscles; they may have started primarily in the bone or any other organ and then may have spread to the bone.

They could be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). It takes a big team of doctors from various specialities to diagnose and treat them in the correct manner. Sancheti Hospital offers state-of-the-art facilities for the same in form of a multi disciplinary team and trained doctors in the field of orthopaedic oncology.

Sancheti Hospital

Medical Oncology

Today, thanks to the advances in the field of medical oncology, more than 50% of patients with bone cancers can be cured. Indigenously manufactured megaprosthesis i.e. artificial joints to reconstruct defects resulting after tumours excision, have made limb salvage surgery in bone tumours affordable for the general masses. It means that with advances in treatment, there is no need of amputating most of the limbs with bone cancers. The department of orthopaedic oncology at Sancheti Hospital brings the latest in management of these complex tumours to the city.


This particular field also deals with treatment of many other benign bony conditions namely giant cell tumours, bony cysts, fibrous dysplasias, osteochondromas, enchondromas. Patient suffering from any of these conditions would receive proper guidance regarding further treatment in our department.

The department also offers treatment for soft tissue sarcomas i.e. cancers arising in muscles near the bone. Appropriate surgical services are rendered and patients are guided on further treatment modalities like chemotherapy and radiation. Along with these, metastatic tumours are also dealt with. As with other conditions, not just surgical treatment is taken care of, the further multi-modal approach of treatment is offered.