Nutrition & Dietary Services

Nutrition & Dietary Services

  • Glycemic Care (Diabetics)
  • Cardio Care (Heart patients, Hypertensive patients)
  • Thyro- care (Hypo and Hyper thyroid patients)
  • Weight Management (over and under nourished people)
  • Nutrition for different lifecycles( children, adolescents, adults)
  • Women’s health care (menstrual problems, PCOD, osteoporosis, etc.)
  • Geriatric care (old people)
  • Gout care ( high uric acid)
  • Vitamin / mineral deficiency (Vitamin D3,Vitamin B12 ,Calcium )
Nutrition & Dietary Services

Nutrition plays the crucial role of nourishing each and every cell in the body. The external appearance of the human body represents the nutritional status of the person, hence it is essential to incorporate healthy eating habits right from the childhood. The food pattern followed during young age no doubt has a lasting impact on health during the later years, hence following a balanced diet and lifestyle right from the beginning is of utmost importance.

We at Sancheti Hospital, India believe in patient awareness and education along with Medical nutrition therapy. Patients are made to incorporate simple, sustainable changes in their daily routine. We assist the patients to set realistic goals and strategic planning helps to overcome the hurdles faced by the patients in achieving their pre set goals. We not only believe in treating the cause of disease but also emphasize on the preventive aspects of nutrition therapy.

Our main aim is to make available the latest advances in nutrition to the patients in lay man terms so that managing nutrition becomes an easy and pleasurable experience.

Most of the health professionals agree that nutrition is at the base of healthy lifestyle and a disease free state of the human being. A multidisciplinary approach helps in better diagnosis followed by the choice of best treatment plan for each and every individual. Through innovative dietary therapies we see to it that all essential nutrients are provided to the body to overcome any kind of deficiencies.