Memory & Cognitive Rehabilitation:

The following population will be benefitted from this service:

 Normal Population

  • Normal Children – enhancing normal brain capacity and understanding subtlecognitive changes atan early stage for better recovery (ages 2 to 5 years)
  • Slow learners cognitive enhancement increasing scholastic performance (2.6 years onwards)
  • Normal adults and elders – Early detection for memory and cognitive incapacityenhancing memory and cognition for healthy brain

Special Population

  • Special children (having Attention, concentration, learning disabilityand any other clinically defined developmental disorders, 6 months age onwards)
  • Children having Epilepsy & Seizure disorder, Cerebral Palsy, other neurologicaldysfunctions since birth or due to trauma in prenatal, perinatal, neonataland developmental stage.
  • Adolescent and Adult population having history of Migraine, Epilepsy &Seizure disorder
  • Adolescent, adult and elders having history of suicidal attempts, drug addiction etc.
  • All population having history of head injury (children to elderly)
  • Adults and elders having Alzheimer’s and any other type of Dementia
  • Adults and elders having post‐stroke and post brain‐trauma neurological conditions
  • Adults and elders having brain diseases for e.g. Motor neuron disease,Cauda equina syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Demyelinating disease etc.
  • Adults and elders having chronic psychiatric conditions e.g. Clinicaldepression, Schizophrenia spectrum disorders and Mood disorders

Neurorehabilitation tool – “BrainNext”

The “BrainNext” product development was completed between 2012-2015 and the tools are used by the clinician/researcher for clinical population since 2015, it has obtained copyright in 2017, currently been widely introduced to different Clinics, NGOs, Special schools and Normal schools.