Faciomaxillary & Dental Surgery

Faciomaxillary & Dental Surgery

Sancheti Hospital boasts a panel of highly experienced and skilled facial orthopedic, maxillofacial & dental surgeons, who have worked wonders in the field for treatment of facial injury, and traumatic dental conditions.
Cases of polytrauma often have associated injuries of the facial bones and teeth.
Facial bone injuries include fractures of the maxilla, mandible, ethmoidal, frontal or maxillary sinuses, fracture of the nasal bone with nasal deformity, and so on. Temporomandibular joint problems, tumors of the jaw, deformities of the face, cleft lip and palate cases or face associated syndromic cases are all effectively treated at the hospital.
Sancheti Hospital also offers various dental services.

Sancheti Hospital

Facial Orthopedics

These therapies address skeletal imbalances of the face and jaws and ultimately the teeth alignment. Normalizing a child’s jaw growth is the purpose of dentofacial orthopedic treatments.

Dental tourism

Dental tourism (also called dental vacations) is a subset of the sector known as medical tourism. It involves individuals seeking dental care outside of their local healthcare systems and may be accompanied by a vacation. This includes maximum benefits in minimum time at affordable prices.

Faciomaxillary & Dental Surgery


What Is Different about Facial Orthopedics?

Understanding the growing child’s face plays an important role in establishing proper development of face, upper and lower jaw size and ultimately alignment of teeth. The foundation must first be corrected if the end result is to be a fully natural, winning smile. Facial orthopedics can create a balanced face and an attractive smile.

When Is the Best Time to Receive Treatment?

The ideal time to evaluate your child is age 7. Every child needs to be evaluated for normal growth of face, jaws & teeth. It is not necessary to be referred by a dentist. Also there would be no charges for initial evaluation of your child developing face.


Growth modifications for normalizing asymmetric growth collapsed facial structures, malformations of the facial structures.

Correction of congenital aberrations of face. (e.g. cleft lip and palate cases, syndrome associated malformations)

Orthognathic surgeries involving esthetic and malfunctioning of the facial structures

Distraction osteogenesis for correction of malformations of face.

Temporomandibular disorders related to malfunctioning of the masticatory muscles or malocclusion.

Cosmetic orthognathic and adjunctive surgeries of face (macro and mini) using recent techniques and materials. Recent most advancements like ‘Smile Designing’ and ‘Bone Growing techniques.’

All types of orthodontic treatment for impacted teeth, traumatic teeth, malalignment, and malocclusion.

Correction of masticatory muscles malfunctioning using intraoral and extraoral appliances and exercises.


Cosmetic Dentistry

– Tooth colored dental restorations
– Dental implants
– Smile makeover
– Teeth whitening (Bleaching/ Laser Teeth Whitening)
– Metal free ceramic caps or crowns with no black margins
– Tooth reshaping/cosmetic contouring
– Depigmentation of dark gums

General Dentistry

– Single sitting root canal treatment (RCT)
– Tooth colored dental fillings
– Bridges
– Dental crowns/caps
– Wisdom teeth removal/ Extractions
– Complete/Partial Dentures
– Orthodontic (braces) treatment
– Operative dentistry

Kids Dentistry

– Cleaning & Polishing
– Alignment of erupting teeth (orthodontics)
– Correction of abnormal jaw growth
– Fissure sealing
– Cavity filling/ decayed tooth restoration
– Flouride treatment

Gum Treatment

– Regular scaling and polishing / oral prophylaxis
– Deep cleaning and root planning
– Curettage
– Gingivectomy / resection of overgrown gums
– Flap surgeries
– Pocket reduction
– Crown lengthening
– Gum and bone grafts
– Reduction of tooth mobility by splinting

Advanced Adult Dentistry

– Orthognathic Surgeries
– Disimpactions of teeth
– Invisible dentistry
– Adjunctive orthodontics/ short term orthodontics
– TMJ/TMD treatment
– Nightguard devices
– Sport devices
– Snoring devices

“A custom-made, cost-effective treatment plan to suit every discerning patient’s need”.


– A very proactive & informative approach to dental esthetic treatment.
– Each patient gets quality treatment & also exclusive personal attention & care.
– All possible treatments provided under one roof.
– We utilise the latest technologies and materials to restore the original beauty of your teeth.
– Utmost care taken for sterilization and infection control.
– Different treatment options offered to suit all budgets.
– Minimum days & maximum results assured.